or Creating a Character, The Involved Lengthy Way

Each character begins with 15 each in the nine major stats: Strength, Dexterity, Luck, Ki, Constitution, Charisma, Will, Intelligence, and Wisdom. These are average stats for an average, fully-grown human male. The GM decides how powerful the characters will be in his game, using the following chart as a guide.
The player then uses the points given to him by the GM (we will use the Kenage power level in our example) to purchase Skills, Abilities, and stats. After you have spent all the points, (both the free ones and the ones gained through purchasing Defects) the player distributes 90 more points between his nine stats with the following limitations:
• No more than 30 may be spent on any one stat
• No stat may be raised higher than 98 (unless you’re using a race that allows this)
• Every one point out of the 90 will raise any one stat by 1 point. These 90 points do not count the same as Character Points. They merely reflect the fact that AniDai students are a high cut above the rest of the crowd.

Power Level Starting Character Points Maximum Points from Defects
Piddly -75 0
Weak -50 25
Normal 0 50
Shuujuku 50 50
Kenage 100 100
Powerful 150 100
Superheroic 200 100
Over 9000! 250 150

Note: the lowest power levels actually have negative points. That means that the character must “sell back” several of his statistics to end up with a total cost of no less than zero. A Weak character can use up to 25 points in Defects to offset the cost, but must still lower his statistics by at least 25 points worth. A Normal person can take up to 50 points of Defects in order to actually get some points, so this is the lowest power level that actually pays for itself.
Please note that lowering a stat will give your character more CP equal to the amount it would have taken to purchase that stat. Lowering Ki by 1 point gives the character four CP. You cannot lower a Stat to less than 5.

Here is an example of the process of character generation, in order to facilitate understanding.

Character Creation
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